Help Using

What's a good thing?

A good thing is anything that happened to you recently that you thought was good. It could be something big (you got married!) or small (you enjoyed a delicious lunch).

What gets shared or posted and where?

Nothing is automatically posted to Facebook.

When you add good things, you can choose to...

Share with everyone:
This makes your good thing public and allows anyone to see it on

Share with friends:
This lets only your Facebook friends who are also playing see your good thing.

Share with only me:
This keeps your good thing private. Only you will see it.

When during the day should I add good things?

In the official positive psychology exercise, you're supposed to think of 3 good things each night before you go to sleep to get the most benefit. You'll have an easier time of thinking of good things if you wait until later in your day or evening.

Should I add things that haven't happened yet?

Playing helps you focus on things that have already happened. Some days the things we were most excited about don't turn out to be the best things that happen. Try to pick the best things that happened and you'll be glad you did ;)

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